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Nexus trip

Oriana waves to Optimus where he's sitting on Kigan's hip, then slips into the passenger seat of the little purple Mini and carefully closes the door. "What does 'girl time' mean anyway, Cureall? I tried to look it up and couldn't find a really clear definition."

Then she looks over her shoulder and feels a little wistful as she sees Optimus scrambling for his basketball. She still suspects that her original liked that game. But the thought of several hours spent with her best friend and foster mother is also appealing, even though she has no idea what they'll be doing.
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He takes her hand, nodding his understanding as his other hand goes to her shoulder in a fatherly gesture as he gives her a slight smile. "Who says anything's wrong?"

Then he glances at Oriana before looking back to Cureall and asking hopefully, "Is there a better place we can talk? The middle of a street isn't really a good spot."

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Cureall nods shyly and looks about for a moment before leading them off the road and into a nearby park. "The dead do not come back just to say hello, Ratchet."