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Nexus trip

Oriana waves to Optimus where he's sitting on Kigan's hip, then slips into the passenger seat of the little purple Mini and carefully closes the door. "What does 'girl time' mean anyway, Cureall? I tried to look it up and couldn't find a really clear definition."

Then she looks over her shoulder and feels a little wistful as she sees Optimus scrambling for his basketball. She still suspects that her original liked that game. But the thought of several hours spent with her best friend and foster mother is also appealing, even though she has no idea what they'll be doing.

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Cureall's own sensors pick up the white mech. If Kigan were there, he would sense many things, her tense nerves from almost crashing, her relief that Oriana is safe.

Then when she too turns her attention outside of herself again a sense of both intense anxiety and intense childlike adoration. "R-Ratchet?"
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"Are you alright?" he asks, his voice a little gruff at his first sight of the blond woman as he takes his hand away from the Mini's hood and puts it on his knee.

"We could have crashed," whispers Oriana, shaken.

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"Th-this one is mostly sh-shaken, sir." She stumbles backing up a little. "Oriana, get out a moment, this one needs to check her bipedal form."