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Nexus trip

Oriana waves to Optimus where he's sitting on Kigan's hip, then slips into the passenger seat of the little purple Mini and carefully closes the door. "What does 'girl time' mean anyway, Cureall? I tried to look it up and couldn't find a really clear definition."

Then she looks over her shoulder and feels a little wistful as she sees Optimus scrambling for his basketball. She still suspects that her original liked that game. But the thought of several hours spent with her best friend and foster mother is also appealing, even though she has no idea what they'll be doing.
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Ratchet looks at the Minibot femme, brow plates rising slightly as Primus whispers to him that the story was different in her reality, and she's got no idea what he's talking about.

"Skytrail's Rodimus and Panacea's first creation, he was built soon after they bonded," he explains to her. "He's been off doing his own thing since a couple months of being created. Spike is their second creation... built after we started making the rookies smaller to start with to simulate an organic childhood. He died in an offroading accident a few years after he was created."

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"I am sorry...this one is used to seeing sparklings being small, or just not made at all." She tilts her head. "Did you make any others beside Panacea?"